Monday, April 30, 2007

There is nothing to be saved from

I just had to say this after reading a post on NOM, but I cannot say it there because I don't want to be offensive or confrontational to the nice person who wrote the post.

She is Catholic, but had to attend a ceremony at an LDS Church. She wrote:

"I was singing the closing hymn, which was "True To the Faith," and the words at the beginning of the third verse jumped out at me. "We will work out our salvation." Well, I had to stop singing after that. It seems to me that if we could work out our own salvation we would have no need for God, Christ, the Church, other people, we'd just do it ourselves."

My response:
There is nothing to be saved from. Not death, for we will all die and none of us will be resurrected. Not hell, because it doesn't exist. Not our fallen natures, because we are not fallen. It is so liberating when one realizes that the bind Christianity sets (that one is fallen and helpless and needs to be saved, which salvation can only come through our myth) doesn't exist.

OK, let me soften my language, because I cannot be certain of what I just said, but I firmly believe that in all likelihood, what I said is true. I know that Christians firmly believe what they believe as well.


Anonymous said...


As you know the first aim of marketing is to either highlight or create a perceived need for a product or service. Viewed from this perspective, religion is the most successful marketing campaign ever, and for a product that does not exist outside of one's consciousness.

Hüffenhardt said...

Yep, you are absolutely right.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Good point, Phaedrus. Good post, too, Huff.