Monday, November 26, 2007

Obama for President!

Obama has as much experience as JFK and Lincoln had when they were elected. He will make a great president because he will be uniquely able to get the votes he needs in congress to pass the important legislation that needs to be passed. Why? Because he is a uniter, not a divider like Hillary. Hillary's philosophy is to overpower the opposition. But she will not be able to get things done by ostracizing her opponents. Obama takes a win-win approach and really listens to those who oppose his ideas to find ways in which their concerns will be resolved and they can work together. Obama is exactly what this country needs both domestically and abroad. This is our chance! Please elect Obama for President.


Anonymous said...

I am a moderate Republican supporting Rudy. With that if I were a Democrat I would support Obama, and if Mitt wins the Republican nomination I would vote for Obama but not Hillary (not in a million years.)

spoon said...

Or you could change the very seriously screwed up course this country is on and vote for Ron Paul!