Thursday, August 21, 2008

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again!

Ever wonder what it would have been like to have been witness to Joseph Smith tell his tales right there in front of you? A few former Mormons in England have founded a new church. They have a prophet that has translated a new book of scripture written by the ancient inhabitants of England. Their poor prophet hasn't the creativity to think of anything new, he is following the Joseph Smith story line by line as if it were a script. It is hilarious and sad. I wonder how big a following he'll get and how much money he'll make. As P.T. Barnum said, "There is a sucker born every minute".
Here is the church's website.
Here is a youtube video explaining the Book of Jeraneck.
This guy is an amatuer nave.
Matthew Gill's story does remind me of another, much more gifted Joseph Smith imitator, Christopher Nemelka. Nemelka claimed to have translated the Book of Lehi (remember the 116 lost manuscript pages) and the sealed portion of the golden plates.
His site has been updated since the last time I visited: thesealedportion
He acknowledged his fraud here, but apparently he resumed his fraud hoping his followers won't learn of his earlier confession.
His online calendar.
Oh, and for a fun flashback, remember this story, when a woman interrupted the 2005 Christmas Devotional? Well, she was a follower of Nemelka's.
The whole structure and doctrine of Mormonism breeds these kind of copycat prophets. Almost every boy wants to be like Joseph and the next prophet.

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