Sunday, June 07, 2009

What the Hieroglyph that looks like Obama means

There are a bunch of kooks on the internet claiming that the Egyptians predicted the dark reign of Obama, and take the hieroglyph that looks like him as proof that he is the anti-Christ. Nonsense like that, which is made out of thin air, bugs the crap out of me. And some people just lap it up only because it is consistent with their biases.

I decided to post this here because due to our learning about the Book of Abraham, a fair number of us learned a bit about Egyptology and how to interpret the products of ancient Egypt.

The following is from here:

In case you all were wondering what the big-eared hieroglyph that Obama joked about today, saying that it looked like him means…It is pronounced like the word “hair” and is commonly spelled “her” by Egyptologists. The hieroglyph often means “because,” or ”on account of.” It’s a standard sign...

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Marcus said...

It's amazing how people will rush to ideas that agree with their world view, without any indication of it being factual or not. The fact that it supports their ideas is all they need. Since they are never wrong it must be right! It seems like some people dabble in every logical fallacy known to man to support their bias.

I also wanted to say that I read your conversion/deconversion story away from Mormonism. In many facets it is identical to my life, a mirror image at some points. Thank you so much for posting, its nice to know that there are those just like me out there. I'm still trying how to exit the church with tact and without alienating my very very very faithful Mormon family. Anyway, thanks again for posting.