Saturday, November 14, 2009

Did I consider the possibility Holland might be right?

Someone asked,
Did any of you stop to consider that maybe Jeffery Holland was right and we are among those "who just wished to exit the church" who have to spend the rest of our lives "crawling around, over, or under the Book of Mormon" because it is something that even us apostates can't deny is true?

We're all just being decieved by Satan and we've given up our eternal exaltation and turned our backs on the truth and the faith of our Fathers, for what?

Holland is right that we don't know how the Book of Mormon was written. There is no clear consensus on the most likely scenario as to how the Book of Mormon was likely created. And there are many failed theories.

But, for me it does not matter who or how the book was written. It is enough for me to know that it could not be of ancient American origin. And if it is not ancient American in origin as it claims and as it has to be for the Church to be true, nothing else matters. It doesn't matter if it was written by Spalding and Rigdon or Smith.

I can't answer why Hyrum quoted from the Book of Mormon before his death or why Joseph testified of it to the guards. I have my theories, but I don't know. But, me not knowing the motivations of Joseph and Hyrum should not in itself negate what I already know through hard physical evidence.

The Book of Abraham was the smoking gun for me. It proves Joseph was a fraud and that he was deceitful while producing so-called scripture. The Book of Mormon has so many challenges to its authenticity, there is no question that it was written around the early 1800's in America, not 600BC to 400AD.

In short knowing the mind of Joseph is not necessary in determining whether the Book of Mormon is a fraud.

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Allan said...

Heck, the Mormons can't decide how it was written either. A FARMS paper in a book my parents sent me posited two methods:

1) What the witnesses said: He put a rock in his hat and when he looked in the words appeared which he read. The words stayed there until correctly written down by the scribe.

2) He had to search it out in his mind and the thoughts came to him and he rendered them as best he could based on his own English.

Unfortunately the evidence from the manuscript and the eye witness testimony conflict and basically disprove both theories.

Of course that leaves the 3rd alternative which they didn't consider:

3) Joseph Smith and possibly other co-conspirators plagiarized some material, paraphrased other, and glued it together with their own words.