Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Freedom from Judgment

(Originally posted Sept. 7, 2006, on Perspectives)

One of the great benefits that came once I no longer believed that god exists is the great relief of no longer having to worry about being judged. Now depending on your beliefs about God, you may have never had to deal with this, but believing in God can give you lots to worry about.

Such as, "Am I pleasing the Lord? Did I exercise enough faith? When I am judged will I be found wanting? Is God displeased with what I am doing? Is this or that choice God's will for me? Am I following my calling?" Ick! It is so refreshing to be done with all of that.

Now lest you believers think I never experienced the great joy of God's love and peace and grace and forgiveness; let me assure you that I have. And I certainly was not constantly aware of God's judgment hanging over my head. However, once it was completely gone, I realized that I had been carrying it all along. All I can say is that I feel a great relief.

For those of you believers that do not feel the looming judgment hanging over your head or who do, but don't mind it, I say good for you. There is no need to get defensive in your replies. I am simply speaking to my own experiences.


Anonymous said...

From Justin Morning:

I realize you are very aware you are speaking in generalities. Here is my take as a "believer".

I believe I am ultimately accountable to the anticipation I had before I entered this life. At the last day I will become again aware of that anticipation concurrent with an awareness of my overall comportment through this life, with its effect on the whole of creation.

This has the result of creating in me a desire to make the most of my time.

I also believe in a loving God with a Santa-Claus-sized spirit who is, in a sense, sitting in a big, comfy couch somewhere with his arms open to me if I can find him. I like finding him. It feels good to sit on his lap. If I get angry or, as we spiritual types say, darkened in any way I just lose Him in a mist. He never points a finger at me. He never frowns at me. He never criticizes me. He always invites and shows me perfection.

That's a kind of judgement I can love. What do you think?


Enochville said...

That is definitely a nice kind of God and I am happy that you are able to feel those feelings. I feel those feelings, too, I just don't interpret them the same way you do.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I think that people tend to assume when someone doesn't believe in god anymore, they have no moral compass and feel that they can just do whatever they want, whenever they want, even if it's something they shouldn't do.

This is not the case. I also feel the freedom you feel, since I've left the LDS church and have been considering whether or not I even believe in God anymore.