Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Are a candidate's religious beliefs relevant?

The first question I want answered from each religious candidate is: "How do your religious beliefs influence your policy decisions and vision for the country?"

As with any employee, if their religious beliefs are completely separate from their job performance, I don't care what they believe. This might be possible in a presidential candidate if the person doesn't really take their religion seriously (i.e., a Christmas and Easter only attending Christian). But, I think that is nearly impossible for the devoutly religious. For the devoutly religious, their whole world view is filtered through their religious beliefs. Their understanding of world events and how they should be solved is influenced by their religious beliefs.

The worldview of a presidential candidate is relevant. Their epistemology (how they learn truth) is relevant. Their views on social issues are relevant. All of these things can be shaped by religious views, which makes the candidate's religion relevant if they believe enough that their religion informs their worldview.


Beth said...

Well hello! It's been a while, and though I haven't read all of your blog entries, I've read some about various topics. If I comment from time to time, just know that I'm not trying to vindictive or contentious. I am interested in learning about other beliefs that people have, even though I have my own that I still have a testimony of.

So the only question I have right now is, how do you explain those feelings "from the Spirit"? You mentioned that the deeply emotional feelings you had when a member got you through some difficult times. Do you think they are just random synapses in the brain or something you try and feel to make yourself feel better? Maybe you have addressed this already in a specific post, but I wanted to know what you think.

Also, just curious. What do you do in your home during this highly-commercial and widespread Christian holiday time?

Beth said...

Whoops. One of my sentences wasn't very clear.

I meant: "You mentioned that the deeply emotional feelings you had when you were a member got you through some difficult times."

Hüffenhardt said...

Hey, Beth,

I have two similar threads that answer in part what I make of the feelings that I formerly called the Spirit.

They are here: http://tinyurl.com/2tqqsu and http://tinyurl.com/2ldkh4

Of course, those posts do not touch on the "coincidences" of answered prayers or hunches that turn out to be right or priesthood blessings that appear to heal or say just the right thing. But, I'd be happy to give my thoughts on those, too.

We do the normal Christmas stuff, just without the emphasis on Christ except when we are with extended family when we re-enact the nativity story and sing Christmas hymns. I wrote a post on why we continue to celebrate Christmas: http://tinyurl.com/yh7vzq

You can find a full list of my posts sorted by topic here: http://tinyurl.com/2x56q6