Saturday, December 01, 2007

Outing My Blog

Lilly (code name for my wife) and I took a big step today. We decided to post a link to this blog from my Facebook page. Why is this a big step? Although all of our family knows that we left the LDS Church over a year and a half ago, many of our friends don't, but they will as soon as they visit here. Futhermore, even though our family members know we left, I don't think they realize the extent of our activity among the post-Mormon community and the DAMU message boards.

But, this is who we are. We are not asking anyone to read this blog, but if they want to, it is here. We are always willing to talk about anything here.

If anyone is interested how much traffic this site gets:


Average Per Day25
Average Visit Length3:23
Last Hour0
This Week173


Average Per Day47
Average Per Visit1.9
Last Hour0
This Week331

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