Sunday, July 20, 2008

How I like my alcohol

I love margaritas, strawberry daiquiris, mojitos and hurricanes. I can't stand beer, at least none that I've tried, but I am getting to the point I don't even want to try beer anymore. I think why waste money on another beer that I'll taste then throw out, when I can spend that same money on some other form of alcohol that I either know I love or am likely to love. I do like wine coolers which are actually flavored beer, but don't taste like beer.

I love wines of all sorts. I started out with the sweet wines, such as white Zinfandel, then progressed to the dry wines (not sweet). I like both white and red wines, but I'd suggest starting with a white wine if you are new to wines. I also found that I really enjoyed mead, which is a wine made from honey. One can drink mead cold, in which it is very similar a white wine in taste and viscosity. Mead is often sold with a packet of spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, etc). One can heat up mead over the stove and pour in the spices and drink it out of a mug like they did in Europe during the middle ages.


Danceattak said...

No beer huh? I used to hate the stuff too but I have to tell you to endure to the end. Seriously made me gag at first. One of my good buddies said - after like months of me trying beer and wanting to puke - "There will come a day when you will be working and suddenly realize, 'I'm totally craving a cold beer.'" And he was completely right.

For me though, I could never get into the cheap american beer. The first beer I remember really liking was Newcastle brown ale, then I got into pale ales. India Pale Ale, or the sierra nevada pale ale.

Anonymous said...

I found one beer that I like the taste of and love the feeling. It's not available in Utah (except for on base.) I think because it is 8% but I don't know the real reason. It's available in the border towns (Evanston, Malad, Wendover, and Mesquite.)

If you ever think you might like to try again, please give this one a shot:

Wild Blue Blueberry Lager. I won't drink any other beer.