Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yes, I believe in evolution. I am often surprised by how little my fellow Americans know about it. I mean they all had to take Biology in school, but apparently many were taught by teachers who themselves did not believe in evolution and so de-emphasized the material they were supposed to teach. Many people remain willfully ignorant and will not educate themselves. The evidence is all out there and the reasoning is so easy to follow, but people would rather listen to their religious leaders who hold fast to ancient views of the world. You know, humanity has learned a few things over the past 2,000 years, but you wouldn't know it by listening to the evangelicals.

Here are some links:

PBS site on Evolution

Understanding Evolution

Evolution Exhibit

Intelligent Designers want the public to think there is all this evidence that challenges the validity of evolution by natural selection (like irreducible complexity, for instance how could the eye develop when primitive forms of the eye would give the organism no survival advantage). But, it is simply not true, primitive eyes would give survival advantage, as has been demonstrated by many scientists since. IDer's misinformation is only persuasive to the uninformed.


Bull said...

And the biggest fly in the ointment is that ID doesn't offer a competing theory. Unless you call "magic" a theory. You know, God spoke and it happened. Presto, changeo. It's still magic.

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The magic is entirely on the side of evolution. Natural selection? Why does it magically select the optimal developmental pathway? That sounds like intelligence. Those who believe in evolution believe that something came from nothing - all on its own. Yet we know from observing the real world that nothing happens without some (at least minimal) form of intelligence. Things that aren't managed, deteriorate. They don't build themselves over time into superior forms without intelligence and hard work, or we would all be Olympic athletes without giving any effort.